Nadim Zidan, A syrian residing in Dubai for 16 years has been through a lot but never gave up on his dreams to be a successful entrepreneur one day. He then became a founder and managing director of Hollywood Stars group that have been established incredibly.

Hollywood Stars Group has multiple agencies that are working successfully in their domains helping young talents to find their way in the industry with the assistance of the experts.

Since its presence in 2014 when Zidan left his job to follow his passion, the popularity has increased and it’s been quite popular in recent years due to their reputation in the industry.

Since the founding of Hollywood Starts, he has paid close attention to market risks. Keep in mind that the tourism section has a big role in the global economy, it may be disturbed by many factors, which has a great impact on the company’s revenue. So he has been working on the risk control and business diversification strategy very early.

Zidan’s visionary brings ultimate guidance in implementing the company’s plan in the future. He thinks that he has to put more energy into online activities, which of course, has always been part of the Hollywood Star vision.

In the past two years, Zidan has won the ‘Best Medical Tourism Agency’ and last year, he got ‘Best Celebrity Management Agency 2019’ from MEA MARKETS LONDON. Although facing many circumstances, he still believes his success would never happened without the trust of his clients, as well as the support system from his family and friends.

Everything wasn’t done in a day. Years of hard work and determination took Holywood Stars to the ultimate height of success. Not only become the most trusted platform for the budding artists, but also expands into various other industries, and achieving success in each one of them.

In general, Hollywood Stars is not only a brand to him, but more like his heart beat that he’s giving all his experience and passion towards its success. The secret of his success story is started from the day one in establishing Hollywood Stars as a medical tourism provider, he included the possiblity of strategical changes in the feasibility study and the business plan.

He concluded that what matters more than winning, is what are you going to do next, and his plans for the upcoming years will be something surprising for everyone, as the next years they are reading a real recovery to the global market and economy, creating new chances to invest and succeed.

Success Story

His decision to come out from his comfort zone, he then tried new opportunities and quickly adapting to market circumstances, at the same time, he comes up with a lot of brilliant plans that turn to be strategic rules. He passed through dramatic situations in his journey that many think that was enough for anyone else to give up, but not Nadim Zidan.

The success stories start from the time when he was 16 years old, and that’s way before the war in Syria started. Well after he loses his father, the world looked so dark that he felt his life full of misery. Knowing that he looked his father as a mountain, and seeing that mountain no longer exist was something hard to believe. Also, he wasn’t graduated yet from his college in faculty of Economics where he was doing his BBA,

At the same time, he was forced to let go of the teenage world, and way of living, and acting like a man at the early stages. Especially when his brother decided to live abroad to find another source of income that may support their family.

The other biggest obstacle, as well as the second turning point, was losing a huge portion of his investments during the world economic crises, followed by losing his real estate and savings in Syria during the war. It makes him started all over again from the beginning, especially at the moment when he left his job as a banker and started his own business.

The third turning point in his life which he always describes as the one that almost cost him his life is when he lose his beloved sister, it was never easy to lose someone who took a big part in our life. He loses the meaning of life itself and surrendered to his financial loses.

But he realized that we can’t waste our life moaning what we lost while you should be thankful of what you didnt’t lose and be blessed of what you are still having, whether in life or business.

Started as a teller, and learned that to succeed in this career, he thinks that we have to be fast and accurate, as he proved by scoring an unbreakable record of working more than a year with zero errors. It gives him great experiences and knowledge at his banking career.

This success moved him from operations to sales, to retail, getting promoted regularly and reaching the wealth management sector, where he decided in order to succeed in it, he had to know everything about it, so he did his MBA in investment from the Robert Kennedy College in Swiss – a partner program with the University Of Wales.

He stated that it wasn’t an easy choice to leave his beloved country and left his family and friends to live abroad, but his eagerness to focus on gaining international experience helped him to concentrate on his goals.

The originality of UAE’s culture, as well as the tradition that forms a solid base of this inspiring union, makes him feel proud which then he decided to stay in “the land of thousand dreams”, and from the first day, he wanted to pursue his passion, and no more wasting time in his rally towards the success that he always dreams off.